Complete esports betting guide 2019

Tips how to become more successful at Esports betting

Sports betting industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world in the past few years, and sportsbooks are continually upgrading their markets and sports offered for the sports bettors. eSports Betting is the relatively new betting discipline, but nevertheless, betting on eSports became really popular among novice and professional sports bettors around the world.

Many respectable and popular bookmakers are offering to their customers betting on eSports, with a lot of markets and high limits, especially when there is a large tournament, like World League Championships or The International.

Before we jump in here are the topics we will cover in this article:

  1. What is esports?
  2. What esports games can you bet on?
  3. Basic things that you need to know about esports betting
  4. Choosing the right betting site & understanding odds
  5. Bankmanagement and Market
  6. Choosing the right Game and Market
  7. Bitcoin betting sites
  8. Esports betting tips
  9. Research is the key
  10. Importance of Betting discipline
  11. Conclusion

What is eSports?

Electronic sports (aka eSports) is a competitive form of video gaming, where people or teams compete against each other in order to determine who is the better player (team). The term eSports is a general term for many games and genres in video gaming. Most popular genres and titles for the global audience are real-time strategy games, first-person shooters (CS:GO) and multiplayer online battle arena games (League of Legends, Dota 2).

In the past players competed online without a big audience, but nowadays major tournaments take place in sell-out arenas where with a live audience, and all of those competitions are streamed and followed by millions of viewers.

The importance of those tournaments and world championships is huge to the gaming community, and prize pools raise every year. For example, in 2015 biggest tournament in Dota 2 (The International), the prize pool was set at 18.5 million US dollars.

Which are the most common Esports games to bet on?

The most common esports games that esports betting websites are offering bets on are CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft 2. These are the biggest titles that people are placing bets on. The history and longevity of CSGO, Dota 2, LoL and Starcraft has contributed to them being prime candidates for betting.

Given that these 4 have alot of structure with leagues and tournaments that span over a few years it is understanble that there are alot of fans out there who wants to wager on games. The recent rise and focus from blizzard on their competivie scene with their Overwatch League. This has created the same structure and hype that Overwatch bets have increase since the start of the league.

We have created specific guides for each one of these five esports games to make you more successful and easeir find the best esports betting website. Click on the log below to read more.

CSGO esports betting Dota 2 esports betting LoL esports betting Overwatch esports betting Starcraft 2 Esports betting

Basic things that you need to know about eSports Betting

In general, there is no big difference between betting on major sports, like football, and eSports betting. If you want to be successful eSports bettor, you will need to know and understand how the betting industry works, and to implement some of the basic and essential betting rules and strategies in order to be profitable in eSports betting.

Those rules and strategies are the same, and there is no difference if you are an expert in CS:GO or League of Legends. When you start betting on eSports, you will need to learn how to maintain your bank, how to choose the right bookmaker and how to find the value in odds offered by the bookmakers.

Choosing the right Betting site & understanding Odds

One of the most important things that you need to do when you start betting on sports is to choose the good and respectable bookmaker. With good bookmaker, you will be able to maximize your profit. How? Every bookmakers has its own set of rules regarding eSports Betting and margins.

The margin is the way bookmakers make a profit. They adjust the odds to attract bettors to place bets at their websites, but in the same time, they make those odds in the right proportion to secure the profit no matter what the outcome of the selected game will be. So the bookmaker margin is the percent what bookie will charge you to place a bet at their betting site.

The size of betting margin may vary, but the best bookmakers will offer you relatively low margins in the range from 2.5% to 5%, while some average and below average bookmakers have margins higher than 10%. if you want to read more about betting margins you can do it here.

The importance of betting margins is one of the most underrated aspects of sports betting in general. If you choose the bookmaker with low margins, you will get a better long-term advantage in your eSports betting journey.

For example, in the match between two equal teams. The average bookmaker will give you 1.85 odds on both teams. while good bookmaker with low margins will provide you with 1.93 odds on both outcomes. It is easy to undersand that you should bet with the bookie that gives you better odds, as that way you need to be less productive in your betting to achieve profit in the long term.

Bank Management and Staking System

Bank management and staking system are two closely connected, as those two things depend on each other. Bank management represents the amount of money that you are willing to invest in your betting, and staking plan represents the amount of money that you will be risking in every single bet that you will place.

As we said, eSports betting isn’t different from any other sports in terms of sports betting, so the bettor must choose one of the staking methods and stick to it. There are several staking strategies, some of them good and some of the bad. We recommend you to read and educate yourself on this topic, try out several different staking methods with low stakes, and determine which staking method suits you and your betting philosophy the best.

Choosing the Right Game and Market

eSport Betting covers several different video games, and bookmakers offer a lot of betting markets on those games as well. No professional bettor is good at several sports and many leagues (so-called general bettors). It is hard to be successful in many sports (in this case games) and to bet on all markets in the long run.

If you want to be successful in eSports betting you need become an expert in one video game, or maybe in one betting market. That way you will be able to maximize your profit in the long run and to become one of the few profitable sports bettors in the world.

For example, if you have comprehensive knowledge about CS:GO game, and you are an active member of CS:GO community, then you should think about betting on CS:GO tournaments. Knowledge about the game itself and their best players will help you a lot when it comes time to make your bets. That way you will have a better chance to beat the bookies betting on eSports in the long run.

Bitcoin betting sites

If you are an owner of bitcoin and want to use them for betting there are more and more available options. Most bigger sites offer the options to bet with bitcoin, but there are a few esports betting websites that are bitcoin exclusive. Whatever you would prefer there are options.

What you should have in mind is that in many cases you would need a digital wallet that the esports betting site would require for you to transfer to them. Keep in mind to always have a look at how they want you to transfer the bitcoin so that it fits you or that you are comfortable with their chosen method.

We have gathered all the bitcoin esports betting sites below that offer bitcoin payments. Either as exclusive or as a payment solution.

Esports betting tips

Sports Betting is one complex and complicated business, and managing to be profitable in the long run and to beat the bookmakers is a pretty challenging task. Both novice and experience sports bettors use all sorts of tools and tricks to take advantage over the sportsbooks. Some people prefer to use free and paid software that calculate predicted outcomes, others decide to research, while some choose to follow tipsters that provide free (or paid) betting tips to the customers.

Following other people and taking their bets has good sides, but this way of betting comes with certain dangers. In this article, we will talk about the importance of finding the tipster that suits your betting style, and also about dangers that lurk around every corner if you don’t choose your tipster wisely.

If you want to read more about why following tipsters and what to think about you can read a more indepth article here.

Research is the Key

Betting with your heart and betting on your favorite teams or players will get you into bankruptcy sooner than later. One of the most important skills every bettor must have is the ability to research and to determine what information is vital for the bet and what information is not important.

eSports betting is a bit specific when it comes to team news. In other sports injuries and suspensions can influence the game a lot, while in eSports there are no such things as injury of a player. So in esports betting it is essential to have valid sources (social media, forums, and mainstream media) and to collect as much information as possible about upcoming events. That way you will be able to make a correct decision when it comes to a placing a bet.

Betting Discipline

Betting discipline is one of the most important skills every sports bettor must have. Having a big bank, or having the extensive knowledge of any eSport or player, are just starting points. Discipline in betting is the most important skill and if you want to make a career in sports betting you will have to be disciplined as a navy seal.

In sports betting, and in eSports betting you will have good runs and bad runs. In both cases, it is essential to stick to your staking plan and not to lose your head. Many weekend bettors tend to lose their discipline when they start collecting winners, and they start betting with higher amounts of money. On the other hand, when the bad run occurs, many bettors tend to lose confidence and start missing the value bets, or they start betting on sports and markets in which they are not familiar just to chase losses.


Those five skills are the most basic, but yet most essential skills any sports bettor must possess. eSports betting can be profitable, and you can make some serious profit from it, but you need to be disciplined, you need to choose the best possible bookmakers, and you need to have solid staking plan.

If you miss some of those steps, you will find sports betting extremely difficult and annoying. And just remember one thing, The sports betting isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. The most important thing is to make a profit in the long run.

Complete esports betting guide 2019

Tips how to become more successful at Esports betting Sports betting industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world in the past few years,

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