The ultimate CSGO betting Guide 2019

Csgo Betting guide

Welcome to our complete CSGO betting guide. Here you will learn about strategies to be succesful at CSGO betting. How to choose the best CSGO betting websites. How to choose the best esports betting site and with the best bonuses. But also which websites you can get good solid CSGO betting tips from that will help you be more successful. Overall we have tried to give you the complete package so you don’t need google around to find the all the information you need.

1.    CSGO betting guide – Strategies to be succesful at CSGO betting.

2.    How to choose the best csgo betting site suited for you!

3.    Esports betting sites offering csgo betting.

Information is always critical for a CSGO betting and therefore we have gathered betting websites and betting tipsters here. After reading this post you will have a better understanding of how to be succesful, what golden rules you should follow and never break. How to determine if a esports betting website is a good fit for you. So lets get started with Strategies for being a succesful CSGO betster.

Complete CSGO betting guide – Strategies to be succesful at CSGO betting.

If you are new to eSports betting and online sports betting in general or you are a seasoned veteran but want to get some strategies for moving forward, the whole process of making a profit from CSGO betting can be a bit confusing and intimidating. But in real life, if you manage to educate yourself about basic betting rules, and follow closely eSports community you will be able to make some nice long term profit on CSGO Betting.


What is CSGO and History of the Game


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most influential and important video games in the past 20 years. This multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) whirl around two teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. In order to win the round, each team needs to eliminate all of their counters or to finish mission objective (for terrorists to plant the bomb and activate it, and counter-terrorists to defuse the bomb once it is activated).


The original Counter-Strike was created in 1999, and few years after that remakes appeared (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source), but eventually, in 2012, Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and with that title managed to unify the players and fans of Counter-Strike game.


But the biggest thing that happened to CSGO, and that gave enormous popularity to CSGO betting was update from 2013 when players got the option to buy skins and to use it on weapons. A lot of new players started to play the game, and the Steam platform enabled people to trade and to bet with their skins.


CSGO Betting Scene


An exciting feature about CSGO betting is the fact that you can bet with real money or with skins. As we said skins are upgrades that can be used during the game, but you can also bet with those skins and convert them into real cash later. Despite it looks interesting, we would suggest you stick to real money betting as it is safer, more stable, and more convenient.


Many respectable and popular sports books offer CSGO betting at their sites, so there is no need pointing out the importance of betting with your money at verified and trusted sportsbooks. Those sportsbooks offer CSGO betting for all the major tournaments such as ELEAGUE, PGL Major, Dreamhack, etc. 


Betting Markets Offered


In CSGO you can bet on several different betting markets, and most of them are quite similar to the general markets in any other sport. You can bet on the results of the game (who will win the selected match-up), but you can bet on the handicap market, on the winner of each map or on the outright winner of the tournament.


As you see those markets are the same as markets in the football for example, as result of the game is the same as money line betting in football, handicap betting is similar to Asian handicap or European handicap in football, while map betting is similar to half time betting in football, or quarter betting in basketball.


5 successfactors in CSGO Betting


Here are 5 succesfactors that will help you be more successful in CSGO betting, and we suggest you read this part of the article carefully and try to remember these suggestions, as they may help you during your betting journey. A tip is to keep these around and read through them before placing a bet. It sounds very painful, but losing money is more painful. Lets jump into it.


            One of the most important things that you need to know is that there is no 100% successful sports bettor. You need to prepare yourself for good runs and some nice wins, and on the other hand to know that bad streaks will occur, and try to keep your head calm in those periods.
            Learn to be disciplinedDiscipline in betting is one of the most important skills that you need to learn. The best sports bettors, arent’ always the most knowledgable, or most skilled, but often those who have stellar discipline and those who stick to the money management plan.
            Betting bank and Staking methodHaving a betting bank and sound money management is essential for your betting life. There are several popular staking strategies that bettors use, and we suggest you try Flat staking system, Adjusted flat staking system, or Kelly criteria staking method. Those are some of the better staking methods that will keep your betting bank safe from bankruptcy even in the bad betting periods. If you want to learn more about staking methods, then we suggest you read this article we wrote to explain staking methods.
            Choose the perfect bookmakerBefore you start betting on any sport, you should choose the right bookmaker. Having the good and respected bookmaker that offer solid odds and low margins is an essential tool in CSGO betting. You don’t need to worry about this, as nowadays there are a lot of bookmakers that offer odds on the almost all major CSGO tournaments so you will be able to find several respected books that offer a good odds and acceptable margins . On the internet several free sites offer a comparison of the odds between sportsbooks, so you can find places with best odds rather easily.
          5. RESEARCH IS THE KEY 
            Research is the keyHaving in mind that CSGO is a team play game, you should do a research about teams and their strengths and weaknesses. CSGO relies on both mix of individual skill of one player and team play. There is no doubt that most top teams have strong and skilled individuals in their line-ups, but still sometimes the team that has a strong team play can win despite their members are individually weaker than opposite players. Knowing the teams preferred maps is also a very important aspect of CSGO betting. The best eSports bettors are the biggest fanatics. They know every player preferred moves, every weakness and every favorite map of any team. Best CSGO bettors watch every single game they can find and analyze teams and their performances.

If you want to be profitable CSGO betting expert you should pay extra attention to playstyles of different teams, preferred maps for every possible team in the tournament, recent team form, quality of individual players and how the team reacts in stressful situations.


If you manage to follow these basic rules and to research and watch a lot of matches you will be ready to stay one step ahead of the bookies, and to make a profit from CSGO betting. It is important to remember that bad runs will occur, to have stable betting bank and good staking plan, and most importantly to be disciplined.


Remember that there is no guaranteed system that will make you rich in a short period of time, that CSGO betting is based on probability and that you need to be ready for some losses during the betting journey.

In the end, we will give you some golden rules when it comes to CSGO betting:

  1. Don’t bet with your heart. Emotions in betting can cause you to lose your money.
  2. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Keep a record of your bets. That way you will see where you make mistakes.
  4. Always bet at respectable and trustworthy bookmakers.

How to choose the best CSGO betting sites?

How to choose the best csgo betting siteSports betting industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the world, and it constantly evolves into new markets and sports. One of the new genres that entered into the sports betting world is the eSports betting scene. E-Sports (or competitive gaming) is the genre of entertainment where players play video games against each other. This type of entertainment has a huge fan base, and naturally betting on the outcomes of those games emerged rather fast.

According to some calculations, the total amount of eSports wagers will reach several billions of dollars by the end of this year (2019), with the prediction of growth in the next few years.

In this guide we will walk you through the foundation and end up with 9 factors to consider when you are choosing the best fit for you when betting on csgo.

Ways to bet on CSGO matches?

Why bet on csgo matches?There are several types of CSGO betting sites on the market currently.  A new trend in the e-Sports industry was recognized quickly by bookmakers, and many sportsbooks started to offer to their customer’s opportunity to bet on CSGO matches and tournaments. But, there is another way to bet on CSGO, and that is so-called “skins betting.”

Since betting emerged back in 2013 when the new update was released and players got the opportunity to buy and exchange skins and other cosmetic improvements. In our humble opinion, skin betting is rather bad for the whole community, as it allows under-aged gambling, and raise the question of legality. We need to point out that average high profile match during some big tournament can fetch up to $150.000 in skin bets. 

Just to be clear, we are aware that skins betting will stick around, but on the other hand, we expect that other types of bets and CSGO betting sites will multiply in the near future.

Real Money Betting on CSGO

As we already said there is a number of popular and respected bookmakers and CSGO betting sites that are offering real money betting on this favorite video game. Betting on e-Sports and CSGO isn’t different from betting on any other sport, but there are some things that potential bettors must have in mind before they choose CSGO betting sites where they will deposit their funds and start placing the bets. 

Skin Betting on CSGO

We already wrote about a specific and interesting way of betting on CSGO, called skin betting. Betting with skins works much in the same way as real money betting works. Just instead of currency users bet with their skins.

There are several problems with this way of betting. Sometimes CSGO betting sites don’t allow bettors to bet with specific skin. Also, the worth of some skins tend to fluctuate a lot, so this type of betting isn’t the most reliable source for betting.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing the best CSGO betting site

9 factors when choosing the best csgo betting siteThere are several general rules that every e-Sports bettor must have in mind when they search for the perfect CSGO betting site. It is important to have in mind one essential thing. All of those betting sites need you more than you need them, so act accordingly. Do not rush with your decision, and try to get the best possible offer for yourself.

Things to looks for:

  1. GAMBLING LICENSE– gambling license is proof that the chosen betting site is legitimate. Many gambling sites show their licenses in the form of badges at the bottom of their websites. Some of the most respectable gambling licenses are UKGC (The United Kingdom Gambling License), GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority), MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and CGCB (Curacao Gambling Control Board).
  1. COUNTRY RESTRICTION– another vital thing to look. Many countries regulate online gambling through strict laws and don’t allow their citizens to bet online at certain bookmakers (the USA for example). Before you register check bookmakers T&C’s, to see if your country is on restricted countries list or not.
  1. ODDS AND MARGINS– it is important to choose a betting site that offers decent odds and low margins. That way you will be able to make a profit in the long term. Sometimes it it better to take no bonus, but great odds and margins. Especially if you are a succesful csgo bettor, which we aim to help you become.
  1. LIVE STREAMS AND IN-PLAY BETTING– there are several respectable CSGO betting sites that offer to their customer’s opportunity to watch games live via live streams and on the top of that those sites give the opportunity to their players to place in-play wagers. In-play betting is also one of the betting disciplines that showed extraordinary growth in recent years.
  1. BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS– look for the CSGO betting sites that offer to the customer’s bonuses and promotions. Many gambling sites fight for the customers, and they are willing to give the new customers some lucrative bonuses on registration and first deposit. Also, many CSGO betting sites give to the regular customer’s daily, weekly, and monthly promotions in the form of cash-back bonuses, free bets, and VIP programs.
  1. NUMBER OF EVENTS OFFERED AND BETTING MARKETS– another important factor that you need to take into consideration. Opening an account at a betting site that offers just a few events and a low number of betting markets isn’t a good solution. Perfect CSGO betting site will offer you at least all of the major tournaments and all popular betting markets in e-Sports betting.
  1. PAYMENT METHODS– the best CSGO betting sites will give you a lot of payment methods. The important thing to look is also a transaction time when it comes to withdrawals, as some of the less trusted websites tend to have long transaction times and transaction fees.
  1. CUSTOMER SUPPORT– often this segment of bookmaker or casino is overlooked, but in fact this is one of the most essential features that separate excellent betting site from average. Knowledgeable and fast responsive customer support that is online 24/7 is something that every respected and trusted CSGO betting site should have.
  1. AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY– this isn’t the most important factor when you choose your CSGO betting site, but it is a big plus. With large and active community you will be able to read exciting and fresh news, to discuss upcoming events and to improve your overall e-Sports knowledge.

Esports betting websites offering CSGO betting

Today almost all of the serious esports betting sites are offering csgo betting. It is the most common esports to bet on. We are always updating the tables and if you would find an error please email us at

WebsiteRatingBonusBitCoinEsportvice reviewSign up
EGB esports betting review9No bonusYes Esports betting review9No BonusYes
8.5No BonusNo
Betsson Esports Betting Review8.575 €No
Arcanebet Esports betting Review8.5100$Yes
Betway Esports betting Review8.5100€No esports betting review8.5
5€ sign up + 30€ deposit
Lootbet Esports betting Review8100€Yes
Nitrogensports Esports Betting Review8Free betYes
OneHash Esports betting Review7NoYes
MrGreen Esports Betting Review5No BonusNo



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