Importance of Following other Tipsters Betting Tips

Sports Betting is one complex and complicated business, and managing to be profitable in the long run and to beat the bookmakers is a pretty challenging task. Both novice and experience sports bettors use all sorts of tools and tricks to take advantage over the sportsbooks. Some people prefer to use free and paid software that calculate predicted outcomes, others decide to research, while some choose to follow tipsters that provide free (or paid) betting tips to the customers.

Following other people and taking their bets has good sides, but this way of betting comes with certain dangers. In this article, we will talk about the importance of finding the tipster that suits your betting style, and also about dangers that lurk around every corner if you don’t choose your tipster wisely.

Before we jump in here is what we will go through in this article:

  1. Who are tipsters?
  2. 4 keys to finding profitable tipsters online!
  3. 4 reasons why its important to follow an honest tipster!
  4. Conlusion

Who are Tipsters?

The tipsters are people who provide to their followers match predictions about certain sporting outcomes. There are several types of tipsters, but in general, you can divide them by sport, as general tipsters (someone that follows multiple sports) are really rare nowadays.

Tipsters write their predictions in the form of a short article in which they give the reader all important information about the particular sporting event. At the end of each article, tipster usually writes their betting tips for that game.

In the past tipsters were active members of betting forums, but recently, individual tipsters moved to the social networks (Facebook and Twitter), while others opened their website where they sell their picks to the customers. Also, there are many betting platforms, where you can find several tipsters in one place, and you can buy betting tips from a selected tipster.

4 keys to finding profitable Tipster online?

After more than 20 years in sports betting world, our team of experts trusts in just a few tipsters, while there are thousands of tipsters who are on our blacklist.

In general, it is really hard to find a profitable and honest tipster that will provide you with winning selections in the long run.

Still, some really quality tipsters are real experts in their area of expertise. Their betting tips and predictions can be really helpful to any sports bettor who follows them. There are several things you should look when you are searching for the profitable tipsters to provide you with betting tips:

  1. PAST RECORD – always ask for the past record of the selected tipster. Professional and honest tipsters will have their P/L (profit/loss) sheets and will gladly share them with you, as they will like to show you how good they are. It will be perfect if those sheets are on some betting website that tracks tipsters and don’t allow them to enter results manually. That way you will be certain that tipster record is honest, and that he/she didn’t counterfeit the past results.
  2. FOLLOW HIS HABITS AND WAY OF BETTING – it would be perfect that you track selected tipster for a period of time without actually placing bets based on his predictions. This is important because you will be able to see his habits and how he reacts in good and bad times. Every single tipster will have ups and downs during his betting journey, but only the best tipsters can be calm and collected when the bad runs occur. And your judgment will be more objective if you don’t place bets on tipsters betting tips while you evaluate his performance and behavior.
  3. AVOID LOUD AND PUSHY CHARACTERS – the best and most professional tipsters are calm and humble. Tipsters that make a lot of noise with their winning slips, usually get super silent when they lose their bet and their confidence. Most of the scammer tipster around the web are noisy and pushy. Avoid those tipsters as they will get you only loss on your betting bank.
  4. DON’T BELIEVE IN „EASY MONEY“ SCAMS – never ever believe to the people that will try to sell you some „easy money“ betting system, or bullet-proof betting systems that will bring you a fortune in short period of time. There is no such thing as easy money, and every hard working bettor knows that. 

4 reasons why its important to Follow an Honest Tipster?

Many people love betting on sports, but they don’t have the time or will to spend hours in front of the personal computer searching for value and best odds. That’s why it is important to follow the right person, who will do all the hard work for you, and provide you with the best possible betting tips.

The good and reputable tipster will give the notice to his customers regarding the time of the next pick, and also will inform his customers if he has no picks on the selected day. That way, his customers will know what to expect and when, as they don’t sit around the computer all day long.

There are many advantages of having a good and profitable tipster by your side. We will list some of the most important benefits:

  1. PROFITABLE PICKS – this is the beginning and the end of the whole story. The profitable tipster will provide you with good selections, that will gain you profit from sports betting. Making a profit is the entire purpose of betting on sports. The trustworthy tipster will provide you regularly with betting tips, and hopefully make you long term profit.
  2. STABILE BETTING BANK – quality tipster will advise to his customers the stake on every single bet. The professional and honest tipster that way keep the customers bank safe, as they know that betting bank and staking plan are some of the most important skills every bettor must have.
  3. SUGGESTED BOOKMAKERS – professional tipsters will always suggest to you one or few bookmakers where he thinks that is the best to place the bet. This is important as you will be able to see what bookmakers offer good odds and low margins. Betting at trustworthy and respected bookmaker is one of the most important factors for your betting journey, as you will get more profit if you bet at low margin bookmaker.
  4.  FEEDBACK – every professional tipster will give you feedback of his past plays and future plans. That way you will be able to understand how the tipster thinks and to learn from a professional. If you analyze feedback, you can learn a lot, for example how to handle bad streak, or how to stay humble when you are in good form.


Despite there are a lot of people in the sports betting community that prefer to do their work alone, but we don’t think that strategy is the best possible. Like in life, in sports betting is good to hear what other people have to say, and following and reading betting tips from other people can be only beneficial to you.

Following other tipsters will make you profit, but more importantly, you will be able to learn betting strategies, learn how to be disciplined and how to make your staking plan and bank management properly.

Overall, if you want to educate yourself and to make some money during the process, trailing professional and respected punters and their betting tips is strongly recommended.

Importance of Following other Tipsters Betting Tips

Sports Betting is one complex and complicated business, and managing to be profitable in the long run and to beat the bookmakers is a pretty challenging ta

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