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 The importance of choosing the right Staking system

In the world of sports betting there are some general rules that every sports bettor must know, and good staking system is one of those. It is tough to beat the sportsbooks in the long run, and many factors distinguish great profitable bettors from average sports bettor that make zero profit.

Importance of knowledge about sport or league is vast, solid betting bank and bank management are also important, as well as choosing the right sportsbook, but staking system is something that can make you a profit or can make you bankrupt in no time.

In theory of sports betting you can find dozens of staking systems, and every sports bettor will have his opinion on which staking system is the best, and why. In this article, we will talk about the most popular staking methods and write about their advantages and disadvantages, as every staking system has its pros and cons. 

  1. All-in Betting
  2. Flat Staking System
  3. Adjusted flat staking system
  4. Units Staking System
  5. Fibonacci System
  6. Martingale
  7. Kelly Staking System
  8. Ranking & Recommendation of Staking system

There are many staking systems and theories about staking methods. If you start reading the available material on the web, you will find many opinions and stories about miracle staking systems and staking systems that made a considerable amount of the money to the sports bettors. Be aware and have one thing in mind. Esports betting is a complex discipline and nobody made a fortune in a short period of time. We will write about those staking system from our point of view, and we will try to be as objective as possible.

So lets get into the different staking systems used.

All-in Betting

This term comes from poker slang and represents when the player puts all of his chips and can’t make any other move. This is the worst possible staking plan you can adapt. Betting all-in is nothing more than a pure gamble, and we will not talk about this system a lot.

The idea to take 10 Euro and to roll over several bets in order to make a fortune is just ridiculous. No doubt, there is some lucky chap who managed to make 5, 6, or even 10 consecutive wins, but in general, this type of staking will lead you into bankruptcy sooner than later.

This strategy may work in poker, but in sports betting all-in approach is just wrong.

Flat Staking System

The Flat method is simple, but yet, very effective staking system. The idea around this system is always to bet the same amount of money, regardless of the odds.

The main advantage of this system is the fact that you will hardly bankrupt, but on the other hand, this system will not give you massive wins and huge profit in a short period of time. With flat Staking system, you need to be disciplined and not to rush your bets. Every bet must be placed with the same stake, regardless of how big or small the odds are. 

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages of this system, Flat stake system is one of the most used betting systems by both novice and professional bettors. Novice bettors love this system because it is simple and easy to use, and professionals use this system because it is one of the most conservative staking methods for your betting bank.

Adjusted Flat Staking System

Prevalent staking system among professional bettors as it is really effective, but it can be complicated for the novice bettors. Basically, you are playing the flat betting system, but adjust your stake to your bankroll from time to time.

So if you are in the good run and make a profit, you will raise your flat stake, and if you start losing money, you will lower your stake in accordance to your bankroll. Also, you can adjust your staking plan periodically (weekly, monthly or yearly.)

This staking system is one of the best systems you can find in sports betting theory.

Units Staking System

This staking system is opposite of flat betting system. This means that bettors will use a 1 to 10 units system where the amount of money that you place between wagers could raise up to 10 times. As you would expect, this requires very clear criteria, lots of experience and sound reasoning. Simply put – it is more rewarding than flat staking, but also much harder to manage successfully.

This staking system is also very popular among professional sports bettors.

Fibonacci System

It is a negative progression betting system, meaning that you will raise your stake every time when you lose your bet.

This staking system is not created for sports betting, as it is a popular casino staking strategy. Overall, the Fibonacci system, like all other negative sequence system isn’t profitable system and most likely will get you into a negative balance. You can never know how many consecutive bets you will lose, and most likely at one point you will lose all of your money when the bad streak occurs. 


The Martingale system is another negative progression betting system, quite similar to the Fibonacci system. The theory around the Martingale system is to double your stake every time you lose your bet.

In theory once when you manage to hit a winner after a series of loses, you will cover all of your money lost in previous bets.

But in real life Martingale managed to destroy thousands of betting banks, because people in one moment can’t follow the size of the stake, and lose all of their money.

There are several problems with Martingale and other negative progression staking systems. Most of the bettors have limited bankrolls so they will eventually lose all of their betting money. Also, sportsbooks have limits, and once you reach the maximum limit, you can’t cover your loses.

Kelly Staking System

In short, Kelly staking system is considered one of the best staking systems for sports betting, as it takes into account expectancy of a win, bank size and with this system, you can hardly go broke in short period.

In essence, the Kelly Staking system calculates the proportion of your available funds to bet on an outcome whose odds are higher than expected, so that your own funds grow exponentially. This system offers a great advantage over other staking systems, but it does require a precise calculation.  

Kelly staking system is one of the most popular systems among professional sports bettors, but many bettors think that this staking method is to complex, as it requires a lot of calculating and a large number of percentage estimations.

Ranking of Staking Systems

We tested all of those staking systems, and we can safely say that progressive staking methods (Fibonacci System, Martingale System) are the worst staking system you can choose. Do not believe to people who say they made a fortune using those types of betting systems, as that is simply not true.

The all-in system will ruin your bankroll in no time, and that is the fact.

Flat stake, adjusted flat stake and Unit stake systems are all good, and you can’t go wrong with those staking systems, but the best staking system in our humble opinion is Kelly staking system, despite the fact that it is the most complicated one.

Staking systems

 The importance of choosing the right Staking system In the world of sports betting there are some general rules that every sports bettor must know, a

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